Auto-Regulated Cobblestone Generator

Automation of a cobblestone generator is simple, just face an ME Annihilation Plane into a standard vanilla manual cobblestone generator. However, doing this will eventually jam your network full of cobblestone, so some regulation is desired.

Due to how annihilation planes work (they act like ME Import Busses), we cannot simply put a ME Level Emitter facing an ME Export Bus with a Redstone Card (since you cannot go directly import to export with no storage in between). We have to be a bit more roundabout.

ME Toggle Busses allow you to connect and disconnect parts of your network with redstone signals, but they cause the network to reboot whenever they do this. There is a simple workaround: put the toggle bus on a subnetwork such that it only reboots the subnet.

We can have a self-contained ME Annihilation Plane and ME Storage Bus subnetwork push into an ME Interface on the main network. The toggle bus will connect and disconnect the subnet from a Quartz Fiber, cutting power to the planes.


  • The ME Annihilation Planes (1) Have no GUI to configure, but can be enchanted with Efficiency and Unbreaking to reduce power draw.
  • The ME Storage Bus (2) is in its default configuration.
  • The ME Toggle Bus (3) must be on the subnetwork side of the quartz fiber, not the main network, or the main network will reboot every time it toggles.
  • The ME Level Emitter (4) is configured with the desired item and quantity, and set to "Emit when levels are below limit".
  • The ME Interface (5) is in its default configuration.

How It Works

  1. The cobblestone generator makes some cobblestone.
  2. The ME Annihilation Planes break the cobblestone.
  3. The ME Storage Bus stores the cobblestone in the ME Interface, sending it into the main network.
  4. When the amount of cobblestone in the main network exceeds the set amount, the ME Level Emitter stops sending a signal, turning off the ME Toggle Bus.
  5. This cuts power to the subnetwork, stopping the annihilation planes from working.
Minecraft 1.20.6 [change]