Charger Automation

Note that since this uses a ME Pattern Provider, it is meant to integrate into your autocrafting setup. If you just want to automate a Charger standalone, use hoppers and chests and stuff.

Automation of a Charger is fairly simple. A ME Pattern Provider pushes the ingredient into the charger, then a pipe subnet or other item pipe pushes the result back into the provider.


How It Works

  1. The ME Pattern Provider pushes the ingredients into the Charger.
  2. The charger does its charging thing.
  3. The ME Import Bus on the green subnet pulls the result out of the charger and attempts to store it in network storage.
  4. The only storage on the green subnet is the ME Storage Bus, which stores the resulting items in the pattern provider, returning them to the main network.
Minecraft 1.20.6 [change]