The Import Bus

The import bus pulls items and fluids (and whatever else, given addons) from the inventory it's touching and pushes them into network storage.

For purposes of lag reduction, if the import bus has not imported something recently, it goes into a sort of "sleep mode" where it operates slowly, and wakes up and accelerates to full speed (4 operations per second) when it successfully imports something.

They are cable subparts.


By default the bus will import anything it has access to. Items inserted into its filter slots will act as a whitelist, only allowing those specific items to be imported.

Items and fluids can be dragged into the slots from JEI/REI even if you don't actually have any of that item.

Right-click with a fluid container (like a bucket or fluid tank) to set that fluid as a filter instead of the bucket or tank item.


The import bus supports the following upgrades:

  • Capacity Card increases the amount of filter slots
  • Acceleration Card increases the amount of stuff moved per operation
  • Fuzzy Card lets the bus filter by damage level and/or ignore item NBT
  • Inverter Card switches the filter from a whitelist to a blacklist
  • Redstone Card adds redstone control, allowing active on high signal, low signal, or once per pulse


Acceleration CardsItems Moved per Operation


Minecraft 1.20.6 [change]