Network Tool

The Network Tool is a modified wrench that also shows network diagnostic information and can store upgrade cards. While it retains the wrench's ability to quickly disassemble things and pull subparts off of a cable, it cannot rotate things.

It has 9 slots in which to store upgrade cards, and they will be available in any AE2 device UI if the tool is anywhere in your inventory.

Right-clicking any part of a network will show a diagnostic info window, similar to right-clicking a ME Controller. This window shows

  • The amount of channels in-use on the network
  • A toggle for the global setting to view energy in AE or E/FE
  • The amount of energy stored in the network, and the network's maximum energy capacity
  • The amount of energy entering and being used by the network
  • A list of all the devices and components on the network

This window is also helpful for figuring out if two different cables or devices are part of the same network when messing around with Subnetworks.

Hiding Facades

Facades will be hidden while holding a network tool in either hand.

You can interact with blocks behind hidden facades without having to remove the facades first.


Crafting (Shapeless)
Minecraft 1.20.6 [change]