Level Emitter Autostocking

One might ask "How do I keep a certain amount of an item in stock, crafting more as needed?"

One solution is use of an ME Export Bus, ME Level Emitter, and Crafting Card to automatically request new items from your network's autocrafting. This setup is for maintaining a large quantity of one item.

You can of course make your network craft continuously, by omitting the level emitter and redstone card.


  • The ME Export Bus (1) is filtered to the desired item. It has a Redstone Card and Crafting Card. The "Redstone Mode" is set to "Active with signal", The "Crafting Behavior" is set to "Do not use stocked items".
  • The ME Level Emitter (2) is configured with the desired item and quantity, and set to "Emit when levels are below limit".
  • The ME Interface (3) is in its default configuration.

How It Works

  1. If the amount of the desired item in network storage is below the quantity specified in the ME Level Emitter, it will emit a redstone signal.
  2. Upon recieving a redstone signal (and due to the Crafting Card and being set to not use stocked items), the ME Export Bus will request that the network's autocrafting craft more of the desired item, then export it.
  3. Upon having an item pushed into it (and not being configured to have anything in its internal inventory), the ME Interface will push that item into network storage.
Minecraft 1.20.6 [change]