Specialized Local Storage

Utilizing one of the special behaviors of the Interface, a subnetwork can present the contents of its storage to the main network, without being able to see the main network's storage, and taking up only 1 channel.

This is useful for local storage at some farm, so that the items will not overflow into your main storage.


How It Works

  • The ME Interface on the subnet shows the ME Storage Bus on the main network the contents of the ME Drive. This means the storage bus can directly pull items from and push items to the cells in the drive.
  • The storage bus is set to high priority so that items are preferentially put back in the subnet instead of in your main storage.
  • Importantly, if the cells in the subnet fill up, the items will not overflow into the main network. If the farm is of a type that breaks if it backs up, Overflow Destruction Cards can be used to delete the excess items instead.
  • If the farm outputs multiple items, Equal Distribution Cards can stop one item from filling all the cells and not letting the other items be stored.
Minecraft 1.20.6 [change]