Furnace Automation

Note that since this uses a ME Pattern Provider, it is meant to integrate into your autocrafting setup. If you just want to automate a furnace standalone, use hoppers and chests and stuff.

Automation of a Furnace is a bit more complex than automation of simpler machines like a charger. A furnace requires input from two separate sides, and extraction from a third. The item to be smelted must be pushed in the top face, the fuel must be pushed in a side face, and the result must be pulled out the bottom.

This could be done via a ME Pattern Provider on the top, an ME Export Bus on the side to constantly push in fuel, and an ME Import Bus on the bottom to import the results into the network. However, this uses 3 channels.

Here's how you can do it with just 1 channel:


How It Works

  1. The ME Pattern Provider pushes the ingredients into the ME Interface. (Actually, as an optimization, it pushes directly through the storage busses as if they were extensions of the provider's faces. The items never actually enter the interface.)
  2. The interface is set to store nothing, so it tries to push the ingredients into network storage.
  3. The only storage on the green subnet is the ME Storage Busses. The bus filtered to coal places the coal in the furnace's fuel slot through the side face. The bus filtered to NOT coal places the items to be smelted in the top slot, through the top face.
  4. The furnace does its furnacey thing
  5. The hopper pulls the results out the furnace's bottom, and places them in the provider's return slots, returning them to the main network.
Minecraft 1.20.6 [change]