The Matter Cannon

The matter cannon is a portable railgun that can fire small items as projectiles, like Matter Balls and metal nuggets. The damage depends on the item being fired, with "heavier" items like gold nuggets (10 damage) doing more damage than light items like matter balls (2 damage). It consumes a base energy of 1600 AE per shot.

When the config option "matterCannonBlockDamage" is true, the cannon will break blocks depending on their hardness and the damage of the ammunition.

Its energy can be recharged in a Charger.

Matter cannons act like storage cells, and their ammunition magazine can most easily be filled by sticking the cannon in the storage cell slot in a ME Chest


Matter cannons support the following upgrades, inserted via a Cell Workbench:

  • Fuzzy Card lets the cell be partitioned by damage level and/or ignore item NBT
  • Inverter Card switches the filter from a whitelist to a blacklist
  • Acceleration Card increases the energy used each shot, making it fire with more power.
  • Overflow Destruction Card voids items inserted if the cell is full. Be careful to partition this!
  • Energy Card in order to increase the battery capacity


Minecraft 1.20.5 [change]