The Fluix Researcher

Fluix Researcher

The Fluix Researcher is a villager profession. The corresponding job site is the Charger.


Trades follow the vanilla structure, unlocking a random selection of 2 trades per level (unless that level has only 1 possible trade)

LevelItem WantedItem Given
Novice3 Emerald4 Certus Quartz Crystal
Novice2 Emerald1 Meteorite Compass
Apprentice3 Charged Certus Quartz Crystal1 Emerald
Apprentice5 Silicon1 Emerald
Apprentice5 Emerald8 Sky Stone
Journeyman2 Quartz Glass1 Emerald
Journeyman5 Emerald4 Fluix Crystal
Expert5 Matter Ball1 Emerald
Expert10 Emerald1 Inscriber Silicon Press
Expert10 Emerald1 Inscriber Logic Press
Expert10 Emerald1 Inscriber Calculation Press
Expert10 Emerald1 Inscriber Engineering Press
Master8 Emerald5 Slimeball
Minecraft 1.20.5 [change]