The Color Applicator

The color applicator is used to paint colorable blocks like cables, wool, terracotta, glass, and concrete. It uses paintballs or dyes, and snowballs can be used in order to clean color off of cables and paintball splotches off of blocks.

Its energy can be recharged in a Charger.

Color applicators act like storage cells, and their paint storage can most easily be filled by sticking the applicator in the storage cell slot in a ME Chest

Right-click a target to apply the selected color. To change colors, use your scroll wheel while hold shift, or right-click without a target.


Color Applicators support the following upgrades, inserted via a Cell Workbench:

  • Equal Distribution Card allocates the same amount of cell byte space to each type, so one type cannot fill up the entire cell
  • Overflow Destruction Card voids items inserted if the cell is full (or that specific type's allocated space in the case of an equal distribution card). Be careful to partition this!
  • Energy Card in order to increase their battery capacity


Minecraft 1.20.5 [change]