Simple Certus Farm

As mentioned in Certus Growth, automation of Certus Quartz Crystal harvesting involves ME Annihilation Planes and ME Storage Busses. Growth Accelerators are used to massively speed up the growth of certus quartz buds, and then the planes break the fully grown Certus Quartz Cluster. They are filtered by taking advantage of the suspiciously fortunate trait that non-mature certus buds drop Certus Quartz Dust instead of dropping nothing.

This farm works fully automatically with Flawless Budding Certus Quartz, but with flawed, chipped, and damaged budding certus quartz you will have to replace the budding block manually. Or, as described in Semi-Auto Certus Farm and Advanced Certus Farm, automatically.


How It Works

  1. The ME Annihilation Plane attempts to break what is in front of it, but can only break Certus Quartz Cluster because the only storage on the subnet is the ME Storage Bus, filtered to Certus Quartz Crystal.
  2. The first ME Storage Bus stores the certus quartz crystals in the barrel.
  3. The second ME Storage Bus gives the main network access to all of the certus quartz crystals in the barrel. It is set to high priority so that certus quartz crystals are preferentially put back in the barrel instead of in your main storage.
Minecraft 1.20.5 [change]