Bucket Emptier

Also see Bucket Filler.

Note that since this uses a ME Pattern Provider, it is meant to integrate into your autocrafting setup.

Sometimes, life is inconvenient and you need the fluid itself but you can only make the fluid in a bucket. Sometimes a machine might do this for you (like the Fluid Transposer from Thermal Expansion), but you might not always have a mod that does it conveniently for you. Luckily vanilla Minecraft has a slightly-less-convenient way, the Dispenser.


How It Works

  1. The ME Pattern Provider pushes the ingredients into the ME Interface. (Actually, as an optimization, it pushes directly through the storage bus asi fit was an extension of the provider's faces. The items never actually enter the interface.)
  2. Through mechanisms described in pipe subnets, the bucket ends up in the Dispenser.
  3. The Redstone Comparator detects the bucket in the dispenser and thus simultaneously powers the dispenser and locks the ME Pattern Provider.
  4. The dispenser dumps out the fluid from the bucket, it now has an empty bucket in itself.
  5. The ME Import Bus pulls the empty bucket out of the dispenser and stores it through the ME Storage Bus into the pattern provider, returning it to the main network.
  6. The comparator sees the dispenser is empty, unlocking the provider.
Minecraft 1.20.5 [change]