Farming of Amethyst

While the Growth Accelerator works on amethyst, the usual methods of filtering certus buds with an ME Annihilation Plane do not work on amethyst buds. Unlike non-mature certus buds which drop Certus Quartz Dust, non-mature amethyst buds drop nothing, so an annihilation plane will always break them because a network can always store "nothing".

The way around this is to enchant the annihilation plane with silk touch. Then the non-mature amethyst buds do drop something (the various stages of the physical bud blocks), and thus can be filtered.

The Amethyst Cluster must then be placed again by a ME Formation Plane, to then be re-broken by an ME Annihilation Plane without silk touch, in order to get Amethyst Shards.

Note that due to the directionality of the cluster, there must be a solid block face directly opposite of the formation plane.


How It Works

  1. The first ME Annihilation Plane attempts to break what is in front of it, but can only break Amethyst Cluster because the only storage on the subnet is the ME Formation Plane, filtered to amethyst cluster. This only works because the plane is enchanted with silk touch, otherwise it would be able to break the non-mature buds because they drop nothing.
  2. The ME Formation Plane places the cluster on the block opposing it.
  3. The second ME Annihilation Plane breaks the cluster, producing Amethyst Shard.
  4. The first ME Storage Bus stores the shards in the barrel. This technically doesn't need to be filtered because the only thing the second annihilation plane should be encountering is fully-grown clusters.
  5. The second ME Storage Bus gives the main network access to all of the amethyst shards in the barrel. It is set to high priority so that amethyst shards are preferentially put back in the barrel instead of in your main storage.
Minecraft 1.20.5 [change]