Interface Autostocking

One might ask "How do I keep a certain amount of various items in stock, crafting more as needed?"

One solution is use of an ME Interface and Crafting Card to automatically request new items from your network's autocrafting. This setup is more suited to maintaining a small quantity of a wide variety of items.

This demonstration setup is cut short so it isn't too wide, it is likely most optimal to use 4 ME Interfaces and 4 ME Storage Busses, to use all 8 channels in a regular cable.


  • The ME Interfaces (1) are set to keep the desired items in themselves, by clicking the desired item into their top slots or dragging into the top slots from JEI, then clicking on the wrench icon above the slots to set the amount. They have Crafting Cards.
  • The ME Storage Busses (2) are set such that "Input/Output Mode" is set to "Extract Only".

How It Works

  1. If an ME Interface cannot retrieve enough of a configured item from network storage, (and it has a Crafting Card), it will request that the network's autocrafting craft more of that item.
  2. The ME Storage Busses allow the network to access the contents of the interfaces.
Minecraft 1.20.5 [change]