Wireless Access

Wireless Terminal

After you linked up the Wireless Terminal in the ME Security Terminal, it grants portable access to the ME Network. Put it into a Charger to recharge it.

Holds 1.6m AE in its battery and drains 1 AE/t for each block you are away from the nearest ME Wireless Access Point.


Wireless Access Point

A picture of a wireless access point.

Allows wireless access via a Wireless Terminal. Range and power usage is determined based on the number of Wireless Booster installed into the ME Wireless Access Point.

A network can have any number of ME Wireless Access Point with any number of Wireless Booster in each one, allowing you to optimize power usage and range by altering your setup.

Requires a channel to be operational.


Used to increase the range of the ME Wireless Access Point.


Crafting Materials

The follow crafting materials are used in the creation of wireless network components.

Minecraft 1.18 [change]