While ME networks are also created by adjacent ME-capable machines, cables are the primary way of extending an ME network over larger areas.

Differently colored cables can be used to ensure adjacent cables do not connected to each other, allowing channels to be distributed more efficiently.

Glass Cable

A Picture of Glass Cable

Fluix ME Glass Cable is the simplest cable to make, transfers power and up to 8 Channels. It comes in 17 diffrent colors, the default being Fluix, and can be dyed any color using any of the 16 dyes.

To craft colored cables surround a dye of any type with 8 cables of the same type ( color of the cables dosn't matter, but they must be the same type, glass, smart, etc ). You can also paint cables with any forge compatible paint brush in world.

You can craft any colored cable with a water bucket to remove the dye.

You can cover the cable with wool to create Fluix ME Covered Cable, and craft Fluix ME Smart Cable to get a better idea of what is going on with your Channels.

Crafting (Shapeless)
Crafting (Shapeless)

Covered Cable

A picture of covered cables.

The covered cable variant offers no gameplay benefits over its Fluix ME Glass Cable counterpart. It can however be used as an alternate aesthetic choice if you prefer the covered look.

Can be colored in the same manner as Fluix ME Glass Cable. Four Fluix ME Covered Cable can be crafted with redstone and glowstone to make Fluix ME Dense Covered Cable.

Crafting (Shapeless)
Crafting (Shapeless)

Dense Cable

A picture of dense cable.Higher Capacity cable, can carry 32 channels unlike standard cable which can only carry 8, however it doesn't support buses so you must first step down from dense to a smaller cable (such as Fluix ME Glass Cable or Fluix ME Smart Cable) before using buses or panels. Shows load similarly to Fluix ME Smart Cable, with each line lit representing four channels in use.

Crafting (Shapeless)
Crafting (Shapeless)

Smart Cable

A picture of smart cable.

While bearing some similarity to Fluix ME Covered Cable in appearance, they provide diagnostic function by visualizing the channel usage on the cables, the channels appear as lit colored lines that run along the black stripe on the cables giving you an understanding of how your channels are being used on your network. The first four channels show as lines matching the color of the cable, the next four show as white lines.

These can also be colored in the same manner as Fluix ME Glass Cable.

Crafting (Shapeless)
Crafting (Shapeless)

Toggle Bus

A bus which functions similarly to Fluix ME Glass Cable or other cables, but it allows its connection state to be toggled via redstone. This allows you to cut off a section of a ME Network.

When redstone signal supplied the part enables the connection, ME Inverted Toggle Bus provides the reverse behavior by disabling the connection instead.

Crafting (Shapeless)

There is also an inverted version of the toggle bus that disables the connection when a redstone signal is supplied.

Crafting (Shapeless)
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