Ad Hoc Networks

Ad-Hoc networks are small ME Networks that do not have an ME Controller. They can have up to 8 channels using devices.

You can use them as small stand alone systems, or as systems designed to enhance a larger ME Network, generally they are powered via Quartz Fiber however they can also be powered via a Energy Acceptor or even an energy cell if you don't want to keep it running for extend periods of time.

Smart Cables on Ad-Hoc networks will show the channel usage for every device on the network at all points on the network, this is different from how they will show usage if you are using a ME Controller.

Once an ad-hoc network exceeds 8 devices, the network will be unable to allocate channels and everything will shutdown, you will either need to remove devices, or install a ME Controller and to convert it to a standard network, instead of an ad-hoc network.

Minecraft 1.18 [change]