Automation of Ore Fortuning

The ME Annihilation Plane can be enchanted with any pickaxe enchantment, including fortune, so an obvious use case is to apply fortune to a few, and have ME Formation Planes and ME Annihilation Planes rapidly place and break ores.

Note that since ME Import Busses "spin up to speed", the setup will start slow then reach full speed in a few seconds.


How It Works

  1. The ME Import Bus on the green subnet imports blocks from the first barrel into network storage
  2. The only storage on the green subnet is the ME Formation Plane, which places the blocks.
  3. The ME Annihilation Plane on the orange subnet breaks the blocks, applying fortune to them.
  4. The ME Storage Bus on the orange subnet stores the results of the breaking in the second barrel.
Minecraft 1.20.2 [change]