The Quantum Network Bridge

A formed Quantum Network Bridge

Quantum Network Bridges can extend a network over infinite distances and even between dimensions. They can carry 32 channels in total (regardless of how cables are connected to each face), essentially acting like a wireless dense cable.

Of note, both sides must be chunkloaded so a Spatial Anchor or other chunkloader must be used if the 2 sides are far apart.

Quantum Ring

Eight of these blocks placed around a ME Quantum Link Chamber will create a Quantum Network Bridge. Only the 4 ME Quantum Ring blocks adjacent to the ME Quantum Link Chamber will accept network connections, the 4 corner blocks cannot connect to cables.



Quantum Link Chamber

One of these blocks surrounded by a ME Quantum Ring will create a Quantum Network Bridge. This block doesn't connect to any cables and only registers as part of the network with the full bridge is made.

This block's inventory can only hold a single Quantum Entangled Singularity and is automation accessible.


Minecraft 1.20.1 [change]