The Controller

The controller is the routing hub of a ME Network. Without it, a network is "ad-hoc" and can only have a max of 8 channel-using devices total.

It is not possible to have 2 controllers in one ME Network.

The controller provides 32 Channels per face.

The controller requires 6 AE/t per controller block to function. Each controller block can store 8000 AE, so larger networks might require additional energy storage. See energy for details.

Multiblock Controllers can be built in a fairly free form.

However, there are a few rules that must be followed:

  1. All controller blocks on a ME Network must be connected; else the blocks will turn red.
  2. The size of the controller must be within 7x7x7; else it will turn red.
  3. A controller can have 2 adjacent blocks in at most 1 axis; if a block violates this rule, it will disable and turn red.

As long as all rules are followed and powered, the controller should glow and cycle colors.

You can right-click on a controller to get the same GUI as a Network Tool


Minecraft 1.20.1 [change]