The Growth Accelerator

The Growth Accelerator massively accelerates the growth of certus or amethyst when placed adjacent to the budding block.

Curiously, it can also accelerate the growth of various plants.

It does this by applying "random ticks" to the adjacent blocks, in addition to the random ticks that happen naturally. In theory this means 1 accelerator should make things grow ~90x faster than normal, and the effect stacks additively.

Power can be provided via the top or bottom, via either AE2's cables, or other mod power cables. It can accept either AE2's power (AE) or Forge Energy (FE).

To power it manually, place a Wooden Crank on the top or bottom and right-click it.

The top and the bottom can be identified by the pink flux greebles on them.


Minecraft 1.21 [change]