Budding Certus Quartz

(also see Certus Growth)

Certus quartz buds will sprout from budding certus blocks, similar to amethyst. These are found in meteorites. There are 4 tiers of budding certus blocks: Flawless, Flawed, Chipped, and Damaged. They can be most easily identified with a mod like HWYLA, Jade, The One Probe, etc. (or the f3 screen)

With flawed, chipped, and damaged budding certus, every time a bud grows by another stage, the budding block has a chance to degrade by one tier, eventually turning into a plain Certus Quartz Block.

Flawless budding certus will not degrade from growing buds, and act as an infinite source.

If broken with a regular pickaxe, budding certus blocks will degrade by 1 tier. If broken with a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch, they will not degrade, unless they were flawless. This means that flawless budding certus blocks cannot be picked up and moved with a pickaxe. Instead, Spatial Storage can be used to cut-and-paste the flawless budding blocks around.


Flawed, chipped, and damaged budding certus can be crafted by throwing the previous tier of budding block (or a Certus Quartz Block) in water with one or more Charged Certus Quartz Crystal.

Flawless budding certus cannot be crafted, only found in the world.

Throw in Water
Throw in Water
Throw in Water
Minecraft 1.21 [change]