Automation of Throwing In Water recipes

Note that since this uses a ME Pattern Provider, it is meant to integrate into your autocrafting setup.

Some recipes require items to be thrown into water (though a similar setup can be used to throw items other places). This can be automated with a ME Formation Plane, ME Annihilation Plane, and some supporting infrastructure (this is essentially 2 modified pipe subnets).

This setup is meant to be used in combination with charger automation to provide the Charged Certus Quartz Crystals.

Configurations and Patterns

How It Works

  1. The ME Pattern Provider pushes the ingredients into the ME Interface on its side, on the green subnet
  2. The interface (being configured to not store anything by default) attempts to push its contents into network storage
  3. The only storage on the green subnet is the ME Formation Plane, which drops the items it receives into the water
  4. The ME Annihilation Plane on the orange subnet attempts to pick up the items that were just dropped, but cannot, because the ME Storage Bus on top of the pattern provider (the only storage on the orange subnet) is filtered to only accept the results of possible crafts
  5. The items perform their in-world transformation.
  6. The annihilation plane can now pick up the items in front of it, as the storage bus is allowed to store them.
  7. The storage bus stores the resulting items in the pattern provider, returning them to the network.
Minecraft 1.21 [change]