Quantum Bridge

A formed Quantum Network Bridge

Quantum Network Bridges can connect two networks over infinite distances and even between dimensions.

Quantum Ring

Eight of these blocks placed around a ME Quantum Link Chamber will create a Quantum Network Bridge. Only the 4 ME Quantum Ring blocks adjacent to the ME Quantum Link Chamber will accept network connections, the 4 corner blocks cannot connect to cables.


Quantum Link Chamber

One of these blocks surrounded by a ME Quantum Ring will create a Quantum Network Bridge. This block doesn't connect to any cables and only registers as part of the network with the full bridge is made.

This blocks inventory can only hold a single Quantum Entangled Singularity and is automation accessible.


Quantum Entangled Singularity

Required to create a connection between to Quantum Network Bridges, they are always produced in matching pairs, to create a connection place 1 of the pair of Quantum Entangled Singularity into the ME Quantum Link Chamber of the bridge on each side.

They are crafted by causing a reaction between Ender Pearl or Ender Dust
and a Singularity. Any explosive force should be enough to trigger the reaction.

Nearly any explosion - even creepers - will work.

Always produced in pairs, but only require a single Singularity.

It might be a good idea to label these with names when you create them using the vanilla anvil.

Note for Anti Griefing Servers

AE also includes a block called Tiny TNT, this is a small craftable TNT which can have its block damage disabled, but can still hurt a little, and can be used as an alternative to vanilla tnt / other explosions even when block damage is disabled.

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