Storage Monitors

Storage Monitor

The ME Storage Monitor is a simple way to see the current level of a specified item. There are several interactions to modify it.

Right-click with itemWill display the current stored amount of that item if not locked.
Right-click with empty handWill reset the display if not locked.
Shift+Right-click with empty handWill toggle the lock.
Right-click with wrenchWill rotate the monitor if it is locked and on the ground or ceiling.
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Conversion Monitor

The ME Conversion Monitor is the upgraded version of the ME Storage Monitor. It adds the ability to directly withdraw from or store items into the ME Network.

In addition to the storage monitor's interactions, conversion monitors support the following actions:

Left-clickExtracts a stack of the shown item into your inventory.
Right-click with itemInserts the held item into the network.
Right-click with empty handWill insert all of the shown item from your inventory into the network.
Crafting (Shapeless)
Minecraft 1.19.2 [change]