Quantum Network Bridge

A Quantum Network Bridge

A multiblock structure that connects 2 potentially distant network fragments together. Created by crafting 8 ME Quantum Ring and a ME Quantum Link Chamber and placing the ME Quantum Link Chamber in the center, and sourrounding it in the 8 ME Quantum Ring.

Each Quantum Network Bridge requires power to function. This power must be provided from the network fragment it is attached to until the bridge is linked; at which time power from either side will be available. However if power is lost, connectivity will fail and power will be drained from the side the bridge is on in attempt to restore connection.

When the Quantum Network Bridge is powered, the various blue lights on the structure will turn on and glow. The Quantum Network Bridge requires 200 AE/t ( 100 EU/t, 400 RF/t )

To establish a link between 2 Quantum Network Bridges, you must create a pair of Quantum Entangled Singularity. One of each will be placed inside of a particular connection. Each Bridge may only connect to one other bridge.

You might consider renaming your Quantum Entangled Singularity to better identify the connection.


  1. Are both sides of the Quantum Network Bridge powered? The lights turn on if they are.
  2. Are the matching pair of Quantum Entangled Singularity in each bridge?
  3. Are both sides chunk-loaded?
  4. Make sure you only have 1 controller, the other side of the bridge is still the same network.
  5. Power and network connectivty must connect to the 4 edges, not the corners.
Minecraft 1.17.1 [change]