Certus Quartz Crystals

Certus quartz crystals possess the unique trait of storing large quantities of energy. When charged in the Charger it will convert into Charged Certus Quartz Crystal.

Finding Certus Quartz

A picture of Certus Quartz Ore.

A commonly found ore, which can be mined for Certus Quartz Dust, and sometimes Certus Quartz Crystal.

Charged Certus Quartz Crystals

Charged crystals are required to create Fluix Crystal and the Meteorite Compass. Use a powered Charger to charge Certus Quartz Crystal.

Growing Crystals

The Certus Quartz Dust you find can be grown into a Certus Quartz Crystal.

First you must make a seed by combining the crystal dust with Sand. Then simply drop/throw the seed in water. The seed will not despawn and turn into a crystal over time.

This process is very slow without the help of the Crystal Growth Accelerator.

None20 minutes
12 minutes
21 minute
340 seconds
430 seconds
524 seconds


Crafting (Shapeless)
Crafting (Shapeless)

Fluix Crystals

This crystal possesses the unique ability to absorb and convert energy from one form to another, and is the foundation of all ME technology.

Fluix Crystal is crafted in world by placing Charged Certus Quartz Crystal , Nether Quartz and Redstone Dust in water. It will quickly start to react, and result in two Fluix Dust. The dust can then be used for crafting, or grown into Fluix Crystal using Fluix Seed


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