Spatial Containment Structure

A Spatial Containment Structure or SCS, is a Multiblock networked structure that dictates a region of space as the target of the Spatial IO Port.

The structure must be an ME network with a number of Spatial Pylon which define the target region.

The rules for a valid SCS are,

  1. A minium size of 3x3x3 ( this will capture a single block. )
  2. All Spatial Pylon must be in the outside bounding box.
  3. All Spatial Pylon must be either connected with cable or via a QNB, and on the same network.

This also means you can only create 1 SCS per Controller.

The Formed Status of the SCS is displayed as the color of the Spatial Pylon if it is a red color, that means the configuration is invalid, if its a light purple color, it indicates it is valid. The status is only available if the pylons are powered, and connected.

Most SCS will require Energy Cell to power the Spatial IO Port, however, these blocks are not considered part of the SCS.

Be aware, that you travel to a dimension without a direct way to get back. Setup your spatial IO in a way, that you can get back.

Minecraft 1.17.1 [change]